Our bag isn’t just waterproof, it’s completely functional, too. 

CONSTRUCTION RF welded patented IP68 rated design combining durability and function.

WATERPROOF Ready for anything, rain or shine.

BUOYANT Stop the sink and float your gear.

SUBMERSIBLE Up to 50 feet for any length of time.

UTILITARIAN You can use your electronics without removing them from the pack.

VERSATILE Fits all phones and tablets up to 13 inches.

HANDS FREE Adjustable crossbody straps for the perfect fit or simply clip it using one of the many anchor points.

TEMPERATURE CONTROLLED Airtight seal insulates from heat/cold for longer battery life.

ORGANIZED A place for everything and everything in its place.

DURABLE Chlorine, UV, and saltwater resistant. 


The technology behind ugo®, 100% waterproof dry packs that float!

Our Co-Founder Melanie gives you an inside look at how our ugo® premium dry packs are manufactured inside and out, so go ahead just add water.