Melanie Cole & Vicky DeRouchey 
ugo™ Inventors & Co-Founders


We love water. We play on it and we live on it. But we were tired of trying to keep our electronics dry which was a huge takeaway from the joy we get from our time on the water, so we set out to solve a really big problem. How could we carry and keep our electronic items above water and safe from getting wet? And not only wet, but protected from sand and dirt? ugo™. 


We are two women, one of whom has overcome the odds having survived two bouts of breast cancer and the naysayers who have told us 100% waterproof the way we wanted to do it couldn’t be done. Three years later we are excited to share that we’ve sold thousands of ugo™'s and have had zero customer phone fails.


Team ugo™

Even our team members are water enthusiasts bringing actual water sport experience coupled with business acumen to the ugo™ family leveraging their personal and professional talents to help with the ugo™ vision.

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