ugo™ Line Cutterz Zipper Pull

A Shark Tank® favorite we are proud to put our brand on the Line Cutterz® zipper pull cutter that cuts 100lb braided fishing line like butter! The recessed blade is mounted in a redesigned cutting slot for even closer cuts. The heavy-duty ABS plastic body with textured non-slip grip provides long-lasting dependable use. It can cut braided line, monofilament, and fluorocarbon - right from your zipper or better yet from your ugo™ pack. So, whether you are cutting fishing line or cutting off a tagline the Line Cutterz® zipper pull is always easily accessible and the perfect accessory for any angler, oh and did we mention the ceramic blade will not rust in saltwater. It also pairs nicely with the Ultralight harness. You can slip it right onto the rugged shock cord which means no more fumbling around for snippers or knives or worse yet using your teeth to cut that fishing line.

Advantages of the Line Cutterz Cutter

  • Cuts 100lb braided line
  • Attaches to many items
  • Has dual blades
  • Safe and convenient
  • Ceramic blade will not rust in Saltwater

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