August 07, 2020

Why Buy a Floating Waterproof Tablet Pouch?

While the Microsoft Surface Go 2 is more moderately priced than the Microsoft Surface Pro, it's still a hefty investment for the average person at $400. There are two schools of thought when you purchase any high-end item such as a tablet. The first is, "I paid a lot for this. I want to protect it by keeping it safe." Often this means using it in a limited way. The other school is "I paid a lot for this. I want to use it as much as possible to get my money's worth." This often means using it in ways that might be risky for the device because you want to make the most of it. With the ugo™ waterproof tablet pouch, you can belong to both schools of thought at the same time. The ugo™ is the only waterproof tablet pouch that is the perfect fit for your Microsoft Surface Go 2!

Key Features of the Waterproof Tablet Pouch

The ugo™ Signature Collection TABLET waterproof pouch provides everything you need to keep your Surface Go 2 safe from the elements. It also fits the original Surface Go. The ugo™ Tablet XL pouch is the ONLY waterproof pouch that fits both the Surface Go and the Surface Pro. The ugo™ Tablet isn't just for your Surface device. There's also plenty of room to put your phone, wallet, keys, and other valuable personal items. 

In terms of protection, all ugo™ phone and tablet pouches are:

  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof
  • Resistant to chlorine and saltwater
  • Maintain a safe temperature in extreme weather conditions
  • Float
  • Provide storage and protection for other valuables

Most importantly, you can use your phone or tablet without taking it outside the pouch. Even the best pouch won't be effective if you have to remove your Surface Go 2 from the pouch to use it. ugo™ pouches give you full functionality while keeping your device safe. You can even use the stylus and facial recognition worry-free. 

Play Harder With Your Microsoft Surface Go 2 In a Waterproof Pouch

According to Statistica, water is the third most common cause of damage to mobile devices. 39% of those surveyed said water damage was their favorite device's cause of death. The ugo™ waterproof pouch is designed to keep your device safe from water. The uZIP™ zipper creates an airtight seal. If air can't get out, water can't get in. 

If you enjoy being out on the water, you should be able to take your Surface Go 2 with you. The ability to listen to music, watch your favorite shows, or posting Instagram photos that make all your friends jealous are all a part of getting the most from your tablet. However, what if you slip and drop your Surface Go 2? This fear keeps many devices on the shore, even when they are inside a waterproof case.

Unless you happen to be scuba diving, odds are you won't be able to retrieve your tablet if it sinks. However, the ugo™ waterproof tablet pouch's airtight design serves another purpose. It will keep your device afloat. In fact, one beachgoer lost her phone to the tides. 45 days later, the phone was found and returned to her in perfect condition.

A Waterproof Tablet Pouch That Allows You To Work Smarter

Have you ever thought that you could get more done if you could bring your tablet into the bath with you? Okay, so maybe you shouldn't be working on your tablet when you are in the bathtub. Everyone needs a little time to relax away from their devices. However, if you must catch up on emails while you catch a bath, you can certainly do that with the ugo™ waterproof tablet pouch. You can also slip in one more episode of Grey's Anatomy before work. 

That's not the only place the Surface Go 2 can help you be more productive, though. If you work on a construction site, the dust can be damaging to your tablet. In addition to being waterproof, the ugo™ tablet pouch is also dustproof. You can use it to contact colleagues, draw or edit blueprints, and create invoices without having to migrate away from the site or go to the office. 

Work in extreme hot or cold? Unfortunately, your Microsoft Surface Go 2 will not perform optimally under extreme heat or cold. In fact, it could permanently damage your tablet. Working outdoors? Working indoors in a non-climate control environment? Working in a cold storage area? The Surface Go 2 is certainly designed to work smarter and play harder, but only if you can keep it safe while doing so. 

Go Anywhere with the Surface Go 2 and a ugo™ Waterproof Tablet Pouch

The Microsoft Surface Go 2 provides great functionality and portability. It has so many uses for work and play that it makes sense to take it wherever you go. The ugo™ tablet pouch will keep your Surface Go 2 safe from the elements in nearly any conditions, allowing you to work smarter and play harder without worrying about damaging the device. 

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