ten reasons to invest in a ugo this summer

ten reasons to invest in a ugo this summer

June 20, 2017

The ugo waterproof phone case has been changing lives for people who love the water across the globe. There is no longer a need to be afraid of dropping your phone in the water during your adventure travels, just protect it with the ugo!

Ten benefits of the ugo sink proof & waterproof phone case:

  1. Waterproof: The ugo is the first and only Certified Waterproof phone case with an IP68 rating and a TIZIP® waterproof zipper pressure tested and submersible to 15 ft for any length of time.
  2. Trendy: The ugo case ain’t your mama’s fanny pack!  Don’t be fooled by it’s lightweight modern design, ugo is built to last and will keep up with your active lifestyle for years to come.  We have several colors to choose from to fit your individual style.
  3. Sink-Proof:  Many phone cases claim to be waterproof, but what happens if you drop your waterproof case and phone into an ocean, river, or lake?  It will likely be gone to the sandy bottom forever.  But not if you have a sink-proof ugo case for your phone... Drop your phone in the water and the ugo phone bag will make it float, allowing you to retrieve your phone so you can get back to fun on the water.
  4. Hands-free: The ugo phone case has a strap to make it hands-free for when you are focused on fun, not holding your phone. So sling it, waist it or cross-body your ugo and keep your hands free for fishing, kayaking, swimming, or whatever adventure you choose.
  5. Selfie-Savvy: Not only does the ugo phone case allow you to take selfies without the worry of dropping your phone in the water, but you can also take underwater selfies!
  6. Wallet Phone Case: The ugo is more than just a waterproof and sink-proof cell phone case. It is also a wallet that can hold everything from cash to keys and lip balm or even multiple phones!
  7. One Size Fits All: The ugo phone case is not phone-specific so you can fit any phone in the case, even when you upgrade phones in the future.
  8. Temperature Control: The ugo insulates electronics from extreme heat or cold, which helps to preserve your battery life. It was also third-party tested to 120 degrees F to -20 degrees F and functioned as normal. You can even take your ugo ice fishing and forget the worries of dropping your phone in the ice fish hole!
  9. Water Safety:  It’s a major bummer to lose your smartphone in the bottom of a lake or ocean, but it’s even worse to be experiencing a problem and not be able to call for help! The ugo waterproof case helps to keep water-lovers safe and their phone dry and afloat, so you can feel free to roam!
  10. Freedom: We created the ugo to inspire you to live the life you want in and around the water without fear!  Now you can be free to roam a little further, email, text, take photos and videos, and share with your friends and family instantly while you are doing what you love on the water!

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