July 06, 2020

Microsoft Surface Pro owners enjoy the lightweight versatility of the device. Functioning as both a tablet and an ultra-light laptop, it encourages you to take it everywhere you go. Well, almost everywhere. There are some places that traditionally aren't welcoming to high-end electronics, like the beach. Here are the top 5 reasons why the waterproof ugo™ pouch for the Surface Pro is a must-have accessory.

It Truly Protects Your Investment

Without this, any other reason is a moot point. The ugo™ Tablet XL is designed to protect your Surface Pro and other belongings. When you are outdoors, there are several risks to your device. Water isn't the only concern. Dust, sand, extreme temperatures, and UV exposure can harm your device as well. The ugo™ pouch is designed to protect your device from all these issues.

Heat is one of the most overlooked dangers to electronic devices. When you're sitting in the sun or floating on the water, your device is soaking it up as well. Extreme heat can corrupt your data and permanently slow your device. Heat can cause battery leakage, which can cause your device to catch fire. The ugo™ pouch's design helps protect your Surface Pro from heat and UV rays, so you can soak up the sun without worrying about damaging your device. It also helps prolong battery life.

Dirt, sand, dust, and even suntan lotion are also device hazards. Dirt and sand can ruin your Surface Pro if it isn't protected. The ugo™ with uZIP™ technology creates an airtight seal that keeps out dirt and sand. Since you use the device inside the pouch, you don't have to worry about getting sunscreen on your screen or scratching it with sandy fingers.

Of course, the arch-nemesis of any electronic device is water. There's also more to be concerned about than the water itself. Saltwater and chlorine can even wreak havoc on some types of plastic. The outer shell of the ugo™ is made of thermoplastic polyurethane, also known as TPU. Less expensive, lower quality products are often made using a material called PVC which breaks down with prolonged exposure to UV, chlorine and saltwater whereas TPU is resistant to UV, chlorine, and saltwater thus outperforming and extending the life of the ugo wear products. The uZIP™ waterproof zipper is RF welded to the pouch, so there's no stitches or glue that could give way. If the worst happens, and your device falls into the water, the ugo™ pouch floats so you can easily retrieve it.

You Can Use Your Surface Pro Safely

The ugo™ Tablet XL allows you full access to your Surface Pro while it's in the pouch. You can use your finger or the stylus with the pouch, while keeping it safe and dry. It also includes an adjustable hand strap, and a shoulder strap so you can keep your device secure no matter what you are doing. Use your Surface Pro where you want. The way you want. Without having to worry about it getting damaged.

No One Leaves Devices at Home

Surprisingly, 94% of vacationers bring their electronic devices to the beach. It's easy if you just leave your Surface Pro at home, but will you? If you do, will you feel like the odd person out when your friends are using their devices? Why not prepare for the eventuality that you will want to bring it with you, and do so safely?

Beach Blanket Theft is a Thing

Many people bring their electronics and valuables with them to the beach, lake, or pool, and leave them safely by the shoreline. They lay them on their beach blanket and go off to frolic in the waves. The problem is, the items aren't always there when they return. The best way to keep your Surface Pro and other valuable items like your cash and keys safe is to keep them with you at all times. The ugo™ pouch isn't just for protecting your device, it will hold all your other important items as well.

Making the Most of Your Trip

Your Surface Pro can help you get maximum enjoyment out of your water recreation time. Maybe you want to take stunning pictures of the sunset. Maybe you want to listen to your favorite song as you kayak down the river. Maybe you just need a way to keep in touch with friends as you explore different areas. The Surface Pro gives you the ability to do all these things and more. Could you survive your trip without your favorite device? Of course, you could. Is it more fun with your device? Of course, it is!

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