This Waterproof Case Could Save Your Life

This Waterproof Case Could Save Your Life

September 02, 2018

ugo wear: Kayak Safety

As we read the tragic story of a young local family of five, whose 13 ½-foot, open-top tandem kayak capsized only 4 miles off Michigan Island causing the death of the father and their three young children and only leaving the mother as the sole survivor, our hearts broke.  We couldn’t help but think “if only their phones were waterproofed, they could have called for help sooner and it could have possibly saved their lives." This was our normal thought process as this is our business, but we know that most people do not even think to protect their phones when embarking on their water adventures.


ugo wear: A Lifejacket for Your Phone

As we get into fall, which means that water temperatures are dropping, the chances of surviving a capsizing or a water accident of this nature get slimmer as time ticks away.  Time is of the essence in situations like these. Preparedness and having the right tools on you, can make a difference between life and death. A working form of communication like a phone that can still be utilized underwater should be a must in every watercraft.  You would never get on a boat without a lifejacket, and neither should your phone. Keeping your device accessible every step of the way, protected from the elements but still interactive, can provide you peace of mind.

Preparedness is Key to Safety

A senseless tragedy like this gives us at ugo wear, a greater determination to stress the importance of being prepared when being in the water.  ugo wear waterproof phone cases can be part of the preparedness as a much as your life jacket!

ugo wear helps you protect what is important.  

Waterproof Dry Pouch & Waterproof Phone Case

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