The Best Samsung Galaxy Waterproof Phone Case

The Best Samsung Galaxy Waterproof Phone Case

May 13, 2018

Samsung Galaxy Waterproof Phone Bag and Dry Pouch

Adventure is yours! Whether paddling, surfing, or fishing, your outdoor water adventure calls. With your Samsung Galaxy by your side, capture photos and videos, and stay connected. Dive into the experience and let ugo wear waterproof phone bag take care of your worries - it is 100% waterproof and it floats! The patented technology of the ugo waterproof phone bag keeps your Samsung phone and other valuables secure. With adventure comes exhilarating risk, yet you should not risk damage to your Samsung phone.

ugo wear Technology Provides the Best Waterproof Phone Case Available

While you spend the day on the water, the ugo waterproof pouch will keep your phone and all your valuables dry and safe. The ugo wear waterproof phone case is different than any other case and features cutting-edge, superior technology.
Patented TIZIP® MasterSeal 6 technology provides a waterproof zipper that is built with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) fabric. You have the convenience of zipper access while keeping your valuables completely dry. The ugo wear dry pouch boasts numerous high-performance features.
• The ugo dry bag is submersible to 15 feet and has been tested by a third-party facility.
• The ugo pack floats so you can retrieve it easily.
• You can access the photo, video, swipe technology, and face recognition while never opening the bag. You don’t have to risk water or sand contamination.
• This is a universal bag so you can use it with any phone and fit your other personal items in it - like ID, keys, medications and credit card.
• The stylish, slim profile ugo wear bag can go anywhere.

The Best Waterproof Dry Bag for Your Samsung Galaxy Phone

You can access all the technological features of the Samsung Galaxy during your water sports activities. Be confident that the ugo wear waterproof case will protect your investment of any Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, and S8 phone.
The Samsung Galaxy family of phones all share superior camera quality. The vibrant colors, crisp images, and full-screen are better than other phones. How often are you on the water and wish you could catch an amazing sunset or beautiful memory but left your phone behind? With the ugo waterproof case, you don’t need to remove the phone to take pictures or shoot videos.
Whether you rely on a Samsung Galaxy 6, 7, or 8 when you are around the water, you can never predict your next butterfingers moment. Keep your phone in an ugo waterproof case and don’t worry! If you drop it in the water, it floats so you can retrieve it without a hassle.

Just the Right Size for Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 measures 5.8 inches and is one of the largest in the Samsung phone family. Even a phone this size will fit in the ugo universal waterproof pouch. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and 8, which measure over 6”, will easily fit into the clear window of the ugo phone bag.

Stay Connected with Quick Dial on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Even in the midst of a grand adventure, sometimes you need to call home - or call your friends to get them out there to join you! You can easily access the quick dial feature on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Voice recognition works 100% through the waterproof fabric of the ugo phone case.

Capture the Moment with Panoramic Photos from the Samsung Galaxy S6

The Galaxy S6 features panoramic photos. When you are out in the open air, there may landscapes that take your breath away. The panorama camera of the Samsung Galaxy S6 can capture the entire landscape. Even if you are in the water, take advantage of the photo features of your Galaxy S6. Capture the memory while keeping your phone protected.

Your Answer is ugo wear - The Best Waterproof Dry Bag for Samsung Phones

You may be heading out to the beach, boat cruising for the evening, or paddling for the day. Regardless of your adventure, you need to protect your Samsung Galaxy phone in the best waterproof dry bag. You take your phone with you everywhere. So don’t be afraid to take your phone when you swim, snorkel, boat, sail, paddleboard, or ride the waves. Just make sure you have it protected in an ugo wear waterproof dry pouch. While you catch the best action photos of the day, you can completely submerge the ugo wear dry bag in water without damaging your Samsung phone. Dare to be free with the ugo wear phone case!

Waterproof Dry Pouch & Waterproof Phone Case

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