July 06, 2020

With the temperature starting to warm up outside, many people are looking to get back on the water. While there are lots of ways to enjoy the water, one of the most popular is a jet ski. Of course, like other aquatic vehicles, there are lots of jet skis from which to choose. People need to find the one that is right for them. Two of the most popular jet ski options are sit down jet skis and stand up jet skis. Which one is better? The answer is that it depends!

The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Stand Up Jet Ski

First, let’s take a look at the stand-up jet ski. This offers a completely different riding experience. Many riders indicate that this is a type of jet ski that is more engaging; however, it is also a bit more challenging. Riders of this type of jet ski need to have a great level of balance and finesse.

In addition to the riding benefits, there are a few other points to note as well. These include:

  • The stand-up jet ski is a bit smaller, meaning that it is easier to haul and store
  • There is less maintenance with this type of jet ski
  • Many riders indicate that this jet ski also performs better
  • It is not unusual to see this type of jet ski being transported in the bed of a pickup truck.

On the other hand, there are a few drawbacks to note as well. With a stand-up jet ski, this is strictly a solo activity. There is no room for anyone else to ride on this type of jet ski. Furthermore, these jet skis cannot pull anyone else behind them. This means that there is no room for tubing or any other activity. Lastly, this is also a harder jet ski to ride.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Sit Down Jet Ski

The other common type of jet ski is the sit-down version. One interesting note is that the stand-up jet ski arrived on the market before the sit-down version even though this version is easier to use.

Of course, this is one of the major benefits. The sit-down jet ski is great for beginners. It also provides plenty of room for other people to join in. Furthermore, the sit-down jet ski can also handle towing equipment. This means that those who want to water ski or tube will be in luck. It is not unusual to see a sit-down jet ski possess 300 horsepower with a max speed of 70 MPH. There is even a nice storage compartment on this larger jet ski and riders can play music.

On the other hand, there are also a few drawbacks when it comes to this type of jet ski. These include:

  • This is a larger jet ski option, making it harder to haul and store
  • Because this jet ski is larger, it also requires more maintenance
  • This jet ski is not as responsive to the commands of the rider
  • These are a few of the most important points to note regarding this jet ski.

stand up jet ski vs sit down: Which One Is Better?

Of course, people want to know which jet ski option is better. The answer is that it depends. Beginners who are learning how to ride a jet ski should go with a sit-down option. Furthermore, anyone who wants to pull tubers or play music will want to go with a sit-down jet ski as well.

On the other hand, more experienced riders or those who want to try tricks will want to use the stand-up jet ski. Furthermore, anyone who wants to save money on maintenance will want to go with the stand-up jet ski as well.

Accessories for Jet Skis

Finally, it is a good idea to take a look at jet ski accessories. One fantastic option is called ugo™ made by ugo wear. This is a dry pack that has been specifically designed to protect accessories from the water, including those that play music on a jet ski! The bag is waterproof, buoyant, and versatile. It is temperature-controlled, resists chlorine and saltwater, and even guards against UV rays! Without a doubt, ugo™  Signature Collection PHONE 2.0 is a must-have for all jet ski riders!

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