October 30, 2020

When it comes to cancer, this is a disease that has touched pretty much everyone. Nearly everyone knows someone who has had cancer or has had cancer themselves. Simultaneously, thanks to the cancer research that has been done recently, survival rates have improved dramatically during the past few decades. Several prominent celebrities have been diagnosed with breast cancer, received treatment, and survived. Therefore, it is important to highlight their stories and their inspiration to everyone else who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Robin Roberts Fought Breast Cancer and Won

Robin Roberts is one of the most prominent breast cancer stories out there. Robin Roberts is one of the top journalists of her generation. Consistently providing high-level reporting on very complex, detailed topics spread throughout a wide variety of Industries, Robin Roberts has been a titan of the industry. Therefore, the entire world stops when she announced that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Simultaneously, Robin Roberts promised everyone that she would never give up and not stop fighting. She hung in there, received her treatment, and is back on the air regularly today. 

Without a doubt, she is an inspiration to her generation. Every year, she is prominent in advocating for breast cancer research, always wearing pink, and fighting for others. Wearing pink, such as a pink plaid ugo™ waterproof phone pouch, is a great way to support the cause.

Sheryl Crow

A prominent rock and country music star, Sheryl Crow, also fought breast cancer. Even though she did not have a family history of cancer, the singer of “Soak Up The Sun” had dense breast tissue that made it hard for her to perform self-exams. In 2006, her mammogram raised some red flags, and following a biopsy, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

After this, she had to undergo a lumpectomy, which removes the cancerous tissue. Finally, she underwent seven weeks of radiation therapy before she was declared cancer-free. She is now an advocate for breast cancer research, fighting for women everywhere who are diagnosed with this disease. 

Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate is one of the top Hollywood actresses of today's era. She is most commonly seen in comedy movies and television shows. Christina Applegate has always been a major advocate for breast cancer research. Especially after her mother had breast cancer and survived, she was incredibly diligent about ensuring that she got her mammograms every year. One year, the doctors referred her for a follow-up MRI due to a mammogram result. She ended up having breast cancer in her left breast.

After this MRI, a surgeon performed a lumpectomy to remove the cancer spot, followed by radiation. In follow-up testing, Christina Applegate learned that she had tested positive for a gene that leads to breast cancer. Therefore, she was at high risk for this disease returning. As a result, she decided to undergo a double mastectomy to avoid having the disease again. 

Melissa Etheridge

This famous rock and roll phenomenon was also diagnosed with breast cancer. While she was on tour in her forties, she found a large lump in her breast. While she didn’t want to admit that she had breast cancer, particularly given that the disease was prevalent in her family, she decided to go to the doctor. It turned out that she had a tumor that was stage 3 breast cancer. She had this tumor removed and then had to undergo extensive treatment to eliminate all of the various cancer spots throughout her breasts. Eventually, she finished her tour and is now a leading advocate for breast cancer research. 

ugo wear Has Our Very Own Breast Cancer Warrior 

October is also the month that we celebrate breast cancer survivors like our co-founder Vicky who beat breast cancer not once but twice!!  Vicky wanted all of you to know that early detection was an absolute game-changer for her both times, so she encourages everyone to get those annual mammograms.

Vicky’s other advice to anyone who has or is fighting breast cancer is never to stop fighting. Your body might be scarred, but your will to survive is a powerful thing! 

So much has happened in Vicky’s life since her last diagnosis 11 years ago, but the one thing that we at ugo wear are so grateful for is her decision to live a life with no regrets and always chose freedom over fear. That will has been a driving force in her own life and our business, which she co-founded at the age of 60 almost seven years ago.

Check Out the ugo wear Line of Products and Advocate for Breast Cancer Research.

If you are looking to show your support for breast cancer awareness, look at the ugo™ pink plaid line of products today! Providing outstanding options to protect your electronic devices while you are on the go, ugo wear is also a leading advocate for breast cancer research. Take a look at the products today and see for yourself what you can do!

ugo™ and Breast Cancer 

Today and the rest of this month, as we all sport the color pink to bring attention to breast cancer awareness, let us not forget those who have lost their battle with breast cancer. Please take a moment out of your busy day today to remember them and their families.

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