October 23, 2020

During the past few years, there has been a tremendous amount of research on breast cancer. As people continue to live longer and longer, cancer becomes more common. This is because cancer tends to be a disease of aging. The longer people live, the more chances their cells have to divide, and the greater chance that something might go wrong; this is also the case with breast cancer. Even though there have been numerous new diagnostic and treatment modalities released for breast cancer, this disease is still incredibly common. Therefore, there is still a significant push for research organizations to develop new Diagnostic and treatment options for those who have breast cancer. With this in mind, there are a few research organizations that are leading the way. 

The Susan G Komen Foundation

The Susan G Komen Foundation is perhaps one of the most well-known organizations for breast cancer research and treatment. This organization was founded in 1982. Initially started as a charity, this is now one of the leading organizations in breast cancer research, fundraising, and support for breast cancer individuals and families. The Susan G Komen Foundation leads countless events every year, seeking to raise money for cancer research. As a result, they continue to be one of the leading advocates for individuals with breast cancer and funding cancer research worldwide. 

Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation

The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation is another leading research organization when it comes to breast cancer. This organization’s goal is to fight for a future that no longer has breast cancer and improve the lives of everyone who has been impacted by this deadly disease through education and advocacy. Throughout the years, the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation has funded countless cancer research projects. We’re going to see breakthroughs that benefit individuals and families all over the world. As a result, this organization continues to be one of the leaders in the fight to eliminate breast cancer. 

The Cancer Research Institute

The Cancer Research Institute is one of the leading research arms when it comes to breast cancer. The Cancer Research Institute has been actively exploring new diagnostic and treatment options for breast cancer. Looking for new protein targets, antibodies, and medications that can reduce cancer treatment’s side effects while also improving their efficacy is one of the foundation’s primary goals. Throughout the years, the Cancer Research Institute has led the way on numerous research projects that have led to a wide variety of breakthroughs for various types of breast cancer. The Cancer Research Institute also has active ongoing research projects. 

The Opportunity to Use 3D Mammography

During the past few years, there have been many breakthroughs in cancer diagnosis and treatment as well. One of the main breakthroughs has been a new type of mammography. Mammography has been one of the most significant breakthroughs in breast cancer diagnosis during the past few years. Now, women everywhere know that it is imperative for them to get a mammogram regularly so that breast cancer can be detected and treated earlier.

Now, there is a new treatment option that is being developed called 3D mammography. Also called breast tomosynthesis, this procedure uses images taken from various angles around the breast and then constructs a 3D image. Right now, trials are ongoing to see if a 3D mammography image is better at detecting breast cancer than a 2D image. If this hypothesis holds, it could change the way women get their mammograms performed. There could even be situations where these images could be viewed on a phone or tablet, making it easier for everyone to interpret the results. 

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