Waterproof Pouch Dry Bag for boating

Meet ugo, the Perfect Waterproof Pouch for Boating!

October 30, 2017

When you are going on a boat trip with your buddies and, like most modern people, you have a mobile phone, wallet, and some emergency medications with you. Now, think long and hard – what would you do to protect your mobile phone or wallet knowing that sand and water might destroy your precious possessions? Would you leave it behind in your backpack or shove it somewhere in the boatyard, despite knowing that some cunning thief might run away with all your possessions? There are certain inherent risks with such choices, and I guess you wouldn't want that, not even in your dreams.

Meet ugo, the Perfect Waterproof Pouch for Boating!

Well, we have a suggestion for you. Why don’t you try ugo, the most trusted name when it comes to manufacturing waterproof pouches for outdoor sports activities? Whether you are fishing in your local lake or water skiing with your buddies – ugo has you covered. Plus, ugo pouches might be a deal breaker during following boating activities –

  • Paddle sports with canoes and kayaks
  • Competitive sailing
  • Riding the wave with speedboat
  • Crossing the river by Pontoon
  • Watersports boating
  • Weekend fun with fishing boat

Now, why should you choose ugo for boating instead of those “so-called” industry leaders in waterproof pouch manufacturing? It’s simple! ugo uses those technologies that other companies still dream of. For example, ugo uses the TIZIP waterproof zipper, made of thermoplastic polyurethane, which makes sure not even a bacteria can enter your pouch. And if a bacteria can’t enter your pouch, I guess you shouldn't have to bother about water.

Furthermore, ugo pouches are a multipurpose thing. You can keep your credit card, mobile phone, key rings, and even your passports within the pouch.

Finally, these pouches are usable under water. That means you can take underwater selfies, and text your families back at home. Furthermore, it floats, and, hence, you don’t run risks of drowning your possessions.

    What makes ugo unique for boating?

    Waterproof ugo is the FIRST and ONLY small profile waterproof gear bag featuring the TIZIP® waterproof zipper, built with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) fabric. This little pack not only looks good it is built to last! You can wear it into the water and always know where your valuables are!

    Functional ugo allows you to use your smartphone in and around the water: talk, text, take selfies, and shoot video in and even under the water.  Never miss out on that perfect photo or video again!  This waterproof pouch for the beach has plenty of room for other valuables and it FLOATS!

    Multi-Purpose – Use your ugo for more than just your phone. There is plenty of room for your phone, keys, credit cards, cash, medications, and passport.

    Universal - ugo is compatible with all smartphones including iPhone 4 to iPhone 8+, Samsung Galaxy to Samsung Galaxy 7, GalaxyNote, and more!

    About Melanie Cole & Vicky DeRouchey, ugo Inventors & Co-Founders

    We are free, and we want you to be too! We are passionate, loyal, grateful, fun-loving people, who believe everyone deserves to be free, to do what they want, when they want and with whom they want. It is this belief, along with surviving two bouts of breast cancer, which motivated us to fulfill a lifelong dream to work for ourselves.

    One passion that we share is the water! After all, we live, work, and play in Minnesota; the land of 10,000 lakes! Some of our happiest adventure travels have brought us back to the water again and again. One worry that held us back from truly being free was “how do we carry and keep our electronic items safe while enjoying time in and around the water?”

    Ugo is for people like you, who want to thrive, not just survive. People who know what they want out of life, and won’t let anything stop them from getting it.


    "So happy to not have to worry about my phone getting wet while I am on the beach in Mexico next week! Love my ugowear!”                       - Michelle

    “The ugo pack works amazing. I met Mel and Vic at the boat show. Genuinely nice ladies! Thank you for a great product! Best of luck!”               - Kimberly

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