Meet ugo, the Best Waterproof Phone Pouch for Paddleboarding!

Meet ugo, the Best Waterproof Phone Pouch for Paddleboarding!

June 24, 2020

If you’re a paddleboarding enthusiast, you know that you’re pretty much guaranteed to get wet when you are on the water. You probably take precautions, like wearing water-friendly clothing such as a bathing suit and all-weather water-proof gear. Nowadays, it has become common to protect your clothing, gear and snacks in plastic bags. But, how are you protecting your essential valuables such as your phone, keys and wallet from ending up at the bottom of the lake, river or ocean in which you find yourself?


Meet ugo™, the Best Waterproof Phone Pouch for Paddleboarding!



  • The ugo™ waterproof phone pouch is perfect for anyone needing to protect their expensive electronics and other essential items from the elements. 
  • Keeping your valuables safe in a ugo™ waterproof phone pouch guarantees they will be clean, dry and even afloat! Gear up for your next adventure and enjoy your paddleboarding with ugo™!


  • We offer the ONLY floating waterproof phone pouch for true smartphone protection
  • ugo™ fits all sizes of mobile devices 
    • iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel
  • Protect other electronics, documents, keys & more!
    • Chargers, headphones, key fobs
    • Cash, cards, passports
    • Medications


  • ugo™ can handle everything on land and sea. Anywhere that we use our electronics, in all kinds of sunny, sandy and wet adventures, ugo™ is the best waterproof smartphone pouch for paddleboarding on the market.


  • If you don’t protect - You can’t connect!
    • Capture incredible moments, keep your valuables close, or get help when you may need it with the best waterproof phone pouch!





What makes ugo™ the best waterproof floating phone pouch for paddleboarding?

Plain & Simple: No one has what we have, and no one can offer what we can offer in terms of reliability, functionality and versatility. ugo™ is innovation at its best - a premium product with a proven 5-year unbeatable track record for performance, durability and utility.


  • Market leading construction from top of the line materials
    • Highest quality TPU outer shell
    • RF Welded seams
  • Our waterproof phone pouch is all about our zipper, what sets us apart!
    • uZIP™ 100% waterproof zipper is IP68 Rating
    • Zero lost or damaged electronics, with several thousand in use around the world!


  • 100% airtight seal for full elemental protection like water, dirt, dust, germs & more
  • Phones and electronics stay fully functional behind the clear TPU window, even with the use of a stylus
  • Waterproof pouch will float with the weight of all the items you can store
  • Pouch is fully submersible to 20ft
  • Airtight seal insulates to protect electronics from extreme heat and cold


  • Ability to use the waterproof phone pouch during SO MANY activities
  • The pouch is a perfect carry-all for inclement weather or trips ashore
  • Adjustable and removable shoulder straps and hands straps so you can wear the pouch your way
  • Complete custom graphic design available for personal or corporate branding



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About Melanie Cole & Vicky DeRouchey, ugo™ Inventors & Co-Founders

We are free, and we want you to be too! We are passionate, loyal, grateful, fun-loving people, who believe everyone deserves to be free, to do what they want, when they want and with whom they want. It is this belief, along with surviving two bouts of breast cancer, which motivated us to fulfill a lifelong dream to work for ourselves.

One passion that we share is the water! After all, we live, work, and play in Minnesota; the land of 10,000 lakes! Some of our happiest adventure travels have brought us back to the water again and again. One worry that held us back from truly being free was “how do we carry and keep our electronic items safe while enjoying time in and around the water?”

ugo™ is for people like you, who want to thrive, not just survive. People who know what they want out of life, and won’t let anything stop them from getting it.

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