September 04, 2020

Kayak fishing has recently become very popular. There are many reasons for this. Kayaks are small and light, which allows them to go places other boats can't, allowing you to get to underfished areas. Kayaks are also environmentally friendly. There are no emissions, noise pollution, or erosion caused by kayaking, making it a perfect choice for environmentally conscious anglers. 

Benefits of Kayak Fishing for Exercise

Kayak fishing gives a surprisingly good work out. One hour of kayak fishing burns over 350 calories. When performed correctly, kayaking engages muscles in your entire body, including your arms, core, and legs. It's also a great cardio workout. According to Men's Fitness, kayaking is one of the best exercises for heart health. 

Kayaking is low impact, which makes it accessible to enthusiasts of all fitness levels. It's the best of all worlds when it comes to exercise—the cardio benefits of jogging, the strength training benefits of weight lifting, and a tighter core. 

Narrower kayaks have less resistance, which allows them to go faster with less effort. However, it also makes them more unstable. While the constant balancing act can be good for your core, it isn't ideal for fishing. A wider kayak can provide more resistance for a more vigorous workout and provide the stability you need when kayak fishing.  

The other key component of how much effort is required to power your kayak is the water itself. A gentle downstream current requires less exertion than rapids or a robust upstream current. Choppy water is also more difficult to power through. Staying near the bank can help minimize resistance, and paddling upstream will increase it. 

On-Shore Exercises To Help With Kayak Fishing

If kayak fishing is such a great workout, why do you need to exercise in other ways? Kayak fishing can be challenging, even for the physically fit. You are paddling to your fishing spot, wrestling with a fish. Paddling one-handed to avoid getting pulled into the weeds by a particularly feisty catch. You'll want to be prepared for the workout you'll get on the water ahead of time, which means training before you leave the bank. 

If you plan on a hardcore kayak fishing trip, it's recommended that you give yourself two months of training before you hit the water. Even if you don't plan on having an all-out adventure weekend, preparing your body with exercise will help you get the most enjoyment out of the experience. You'll be better suited to handling the kayak under challenging conditions because you've improved your strength, stamina, and balance.

Stretching is essential for kayak fishing, so you'll want to have a good stretching routine. You'll also want to do strength training, particularly for your arms and core. Don't overlook your core when getting fit for kayaking. A strong core keeps everything else functioning properly. If you have a weak core, the rest of your body will compensate. Over time, this can lead to injuries. 

Kayak Fishing Core exercises:

  • Swiss ball crunches
  • Planks
  • Ball pass

Upper body exercises for Kayak Fishing

  • Burpees
  • Pull-ups
  • Shoulder rolls

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