July 06, 2020

There is an entire world that exists under the water, a world that is simply teeming with life. Snorkeling through the water gives humans a chance to experience the color and liveliness of the underwater world. A day on the boat and in the water, enjoying nature is a wonderful experience, which can be made better if you plan ahead of time. Unfortunately, water is damaging and corrosive, so personal items can become destroyed, simply from inadvertent ocean spray. Below, let's take a look at some considerations to make before going on your next snorkel adventure, and how to protect your valuable and essential items.


Waterproof Pouch Considerations

Of course snorkeling is only possible if you are immersed in the water, but there are dangers associated with the water that you may not take into consideration. Personal items can be accidentally dropped in the water, which can be impossible to retrieve if they sink to the bottom of the ocean floor. Further, ocean spray simply from driving the boat and splashing waves can cause a tremendous amount of damage to items, even if they are left in a dry and safe place on the boat itself. People coming on and off the boat to enjoy time snorkeling will bring their fair share of splashes and drips, and reaching for your phone or tablet with wet hands can cause even the best electronics to become damaged.


Items ugo™ Waterproof Pouches Can Protect

Before going out on your next excursion, take an inventory of the items that you must have protected from potential water damage. Be sure to have your wallet, mobile phone, camera, and car keys in a safe and dry area. You want to use a dry pouch, like the ugo™ Signature Collection PHONE 2.0, to keep items dry and protected. Not only will this pouch help to keep your items dry, but it will float if the pouch does get thrown overboard. Further, this waterproof pouch is roomy enough to keep your other essential items dry and safe. Consider keeping your identification, cash, and medication secure in a dry pouch. You never know when an errant ocean spray or accidental bump could knock your valuables into the water.


Check Your Waterproof Specs

There are many pouches and cases available that might be touted as "waterproof". To fully vet the ability for a pouch or a case to be waterproof it is necessary to understand an IP rating. In order to be fully waterproof, and not only water resistant, a case must have a rating of at least IP68. This means that the case will be waterproof up to a water depth 1.5 meters, or a little over 4 feet in depth. Luckily, good quality cases that are designed to help keep electronics and personal items safe and dry will always list the IP rating. If you need a larger waterproof case for your belongings, this tablet sized waterproof pouch, able to accommodate larger electronics and personal belongings. Not only do these pouches pass the waterproof test with an IP68 rating, they exceed them handling depths of 20ft for any length of time because of the uZIP™ 100% waterproof zippers. There is always the chance of an errant spray of water or an accidental drop, so it makes sense to protect your belongings from water damage with protective and assuredly waterproof cases.


ugo™ Waterproof Pouch Features

There are so many electronic items that can be found on a boat to help maximize your day snorkeling through the water. You'll want to have some form of music, provided by either a tablet or mobile phone, and a killer camera to capture all the underwater action. Before selecting a waterproof pouch to help protect your electronic items, be sure to consider some of the features that will help facilitate easier use of your electronics. It can be helpful to have a waterproof cover for your tablet, allowing you to still easily use the touch screen to switch between songs and apps. This waterproof tablet cover from ugo™ has a TPU clear window that allows you to easily swipe through songs. Further, ugo™ makes a larger version of a waterproof tablet cover that has an ergonomic hand strap to make handling a large tablet easy. Plus, this pouch even includes additional space to store valuable documents and folders too.

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