July 06, 2020

If you're looking for adventure on the water and you want to forgo the motorboat—you might be wondering about the difference between a canoe and a kayak. The individual characteristics are likely to form your decision if you're looking into making a purchase. While you use a paddle for both, each craft presents a unique experience. Much of it has to do with their design. Truthfully, it's a great idea to take each one out for a test-run to get a feel for their particular benefits and challenges in real-time. In the meantime, you can read up to get some background.

What Is a Canoe?

A canoe will run anywhere between 13 and 17 feet long. Its design enables it to carry several people comfortably, which is good because it's heavy. Typically, you'll use a single paddle, and more than one person will do the work. Canoes are open on top and fashioned with wooden, aluminum, or vinyl gunwales and thwarts, to provide both aesthetics and balance. Most canoes come with seats that sit up off the bottom of the hull. The seating position enables the paddlers to either kneel or sit while navigating. This is an important feature since you can take the canoe on a variety of waters, including still water and even fast-moving rapids.

What Is a Kayak?

In contrast, kayaks are smaller than canoes, and sleek, enabling them to skim effortlessly across the water with only one person doing the work. They use a two-sided paddle that the navigator alternates on either side of the craft. Unlike the canoe, a kayak has a covered deck. There's a cockpit for the paddler to sit in that leaves their upper body exposed. Kayaks are fast, streamlined, and can handle all water types. They're excellent for single-user water adventures.

Kayak Vs Canoe: Why Choose One Vs the Other?

While both of these watercraft can come fabricated from wood,polyethylene, thermoform, or might even be inflatable, a kayak is a more intimate experience between the person and the water. While you can also opt for a two-person kayak, the experience is still more singular than a canoe simply because of your proximity to the water. On the other hand, a canoe is ideal for a group activity. They're more challenging to paddle and require more work, so you're usually happy to have the help of others. Ultimately, the reason why people choose one instead of the other is all in what kind of experience they're seeking. Both alternatives offer an exciting way to enjoy the water and get great exercise in the process.

Whatever Your Choice You Need Waterproof Accessories

Regardless of whether you opt for canoeing or kayaking, it's vital to keep all the things you take with you watertight and safe. That's where ugo™ comes in with waterproof accessories that will give you peace of mind so that you can enjoy your adventures.

Our Signature Collection ugo™ Phone 2.0 is a perfect choice to keep your technology safe. Made to go where you go, our patented design is not only waterproof it also floats. What this means for you is a place to keep your phone and tablet safe and secure even when you're shooting the rapids. Premium ugo™ waterproof accessories are an excellent choice for your next water adventure. Whether you hit the water with friends on a canoe trip or chose to go it alone in a kayak— keep your keys, cash, cards, passport, medication, and technology safe with products from ugo™. Happy exploring!


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