August 28, 2020

Windsurfing has been described as "surfing’s ginger-haired cousin" by Robby Naish, a pioneer and early veteran of the sport. Whereas traditional surfing requires you to hug the waves and use their momentum to move, windsurfing employees a sturdy sail to catch the wind and propel you forward. Because of this, it can be done on just about any sizable body of water, though your results may vary depending on the normal wind speed and wave size.

While windsurfing can be relaxing and more akin to sailing a small boat, the possibility of a thrilling experience is very real, owed to the fact that you're still at the mercy of the waves, while also having additional propulsion from the wind. The result is a sport that is similar to surfing while being different enough to stand alone.

What do I need to windsurf?

You need a surfboard for starters, but you'll also need a boom, sail, and mast. A long time ago, windsurfers would retrofit their surfboards with this equipment, but the sport’s popularity has created a market for boards made with windsurfing in mind. These include all of the necessary components and are also designed with slightly different lengths and widths, more in line with windsurfing versus traditional surfing.

A wet suit is another excellent piece of equipment to invest in because you'll likely fall off quite a bit to start. Learning surfing - wind or otherwise - is a very trial-and-error process that will leave you in the ocean or lake more often than not at first. This is where the wetsuit will come in handy.

Additionally, it's worth investing in a ugo™ waterproof phone pouch to protect your mobile phone while you're out windsurfing. These small pouches allow you to keep your phone on you for photographing your exploits or in case of an emergency while protecting your expensive electronic investment. There's also the threat of dropping your phone in a roiling ocean, and ugo™ waterproof phone pouches float instead of sinking, helping you keep track of your mobile device in case of an off-board spill.

ugo™ windsurfing phone pouch

Designed with the active windsurfer in mind, the ugo™ waterproof phone pouches allow you full access to your digital devices while ensuring that they:

  • Do not sink if you drop them
  • Are protected against water during windsurfing and in case you fall off your board
  • Still function for filming, emergency access, or whatever reason you might need your mobile phone or tablet

ugo™ achieves this through proprietary technology, allowing you full access to your device's screen while ensuring waterproof protection up to 25 feet deep. Additionally, the design makes the pouch itself buoyant, even if it's holding a tablet and accessories.

The ugo™ waterproof pouches are designed with additional compartments to hold chargers, cables, headphones, and even documents. The airtight pouch protects your device from temperature as well, and it's protective against UV light, chlorine, and saltwater, so whether you're in a marina or on the open ocean, your phone or tablet is protected.

ugo™ waterproof pouches have straps to hold or put around your shoulder or waist for when you're on the move, and the patented uZIP™ technology has been tested by independent labs to be 100% waterproof in case you drop it.

Protect your phone with ugo™ pouches

Whether you're new to windsurfing or you're a seasoned pro, you need to protect your mobile or tablet if you're taking it out onto the water. ugo™ waterproof pouches are the ideal companion for your windsurfing adventures, protecting your most important devices while still allowing you full use of their screens.

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