August 21, 2020

Gliding through the salt air hundreds of feet above the sun-sparkling ocean is an experience like nothing else. There's a good reason why parasailing is one of today's most popular watersports activities. Vacationers enjoy the memories made, and thrillseekers thrive in the unique experience. The best part is, anyone can partake in this popular sport. Many charter companies offer parasailing trips along the coastline. You can even do it yourself with a friend and the right equipment. Speaking of equipment, you may be thinking that your phone will have to be left behind to participate in this watersport. Well, surprise! It can still be with you even when you're 800 feet above the ocean. Today we'll dive into the world of parasailing and how you can capture those moments with your phone while being protected from the rigorous elements involved in this watersport. 

What is Parasailing?

Parasailing is relatively simple. The participant rides high over the water attached to a parachute and a motorboat. Power and speed from the boat keep the parachute in the air. The idea started when the French engineer Pierre-Marcel Lemoigne developed the Ascending Gliding Parachute in 1962. Parasails were designed initially for skydivers and the military. The first parasailers were astronauts who practiced safe water landings in the 1960s. Several decades and many designs later, parasailing evolved into the lovable watersport we know today. 

Some beginners assume that parasailing involves lugging around a lot of equipment, but that is not necessarily the case. The only equipment required is a parasail harness, proper tow line, a helmet, and a safety-rated lifejacket for the water. Shoes are optional, though recommended as added protection from foreign objects in the water. Anything else you would need is the same as going out to the beach: sunscreen, secure eye protection, and clothing for the water to keep you comfortable. 

Phone Protection for Parasailing

You may be thinking, "Okay, all this information sounds good, but you haven't answered my question... How on earth do I protect my phone while dangling hundreds of feet above the water?" Well, that's the best part! It all has to do with what kind of waterproof case you use. And there's only one kind we know of that can tackle the elephant in the room - the ugo™ waterproof pouch. Here are some crazy-fun facts about this special pouch that we bet you don't know about:

  • It has a space-age zipper! The zipper is the same kind used on astronaut suits, creating an unbeatable watertight and airtight seal when zipped shut.
  • Elements can't get through the material. The ugo™ waterproof pouch is constructed with 100% thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Unlike PVC, TPU won't break down when exposed to the elements for an extended period of time, plus it insulates your phone and protects it from dirt, water, and anything else nature will throw at it. 
  • It's like a force field for your phone. Did you know that you can make phone calls right through the ugo™ waterproof pouch? It's true! You can also use the touchscreen right through the clear screen without having to open the pouch, keeping it protected at all times.
  • It's designed for the water. The ugo™ waterproof pouch is submersible up to 25 feet below water! It's also insulated, so your phone won't overheat while it's inside. It's perfect for life in the water!

The Best Phone Pouch for Parasailing

Whether you're parasailing in the air or powering a boat attached to the parasail, the ugo™ waterproof pouch makes it possible to use your phone in one of the most unforgiving environments to electronics - the water. Check out the ugo™ online website now for the full lineup of ugo™ waterproof pouches available. There's one for every size, make and model of phones and tablets on the market!

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