June 30, 2020

At ugo wear “Just Add Water” isn’t just a motto it is living life on or in the water and is the ugo™ way to adventure. The ugo™ phone and tablet packs are the perfect accessory for summer days by the pool or on the lakes or rivers. ugo wear has found some great products from people who also live their lives in and on the water - whether you choose to find your fun on the water with a stand up paddle board, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, fishing, jet skiing, pool parties, or just lounging by the pool, check out these great products we found for you to check out that go hand-in-hand with the ugo™ lifestyle. 

Spend More Time On The Water With Prescription Swim Goggles

No matter how you spend your time around water, prescription swim goggles and prescription sunglasses will make your experiences more enjoyable. If you are spending your summer in your backyard pool or out on the water, you no longer have to switch between your glasses and swim goggles. Trying to look at your phone while in the pool can be difficult, prescription swim goggles will allow you to see not only your phone but also what's going on around you. 

Goggles N More is a great place to find prescription swim goggles for kids and adults that come either fully-customizable to match your precise prescription or pre-made to suit your short-sighted or far-sighted needs. Prescription swim goggles that match your exact prescription for each eye and can correct for astigmatism are a must-have for anyone who loves the water. These custom made-to-prescription swim goggles come in a variety of swim goggles and lens colors with options for tints as well. 

Spend more hours in the pool or at the beach with a pair of high quality prescription swim goggles.

Prescription Swim Goggles

Fuglies Sunglasses are The Perfect Pair of Water Sports Sunglasses

One great feature of the Fuglies prescription sunglasses is their ability to float. For a day on your stand up paddleboard or lounging around the pool, having a pair of sunglasses that float can become very important. A day of paddleboarding is easily saved if you tip over or decide to take a swim. The ugo™ phone pouch will also float with all of your essential gear, no need to stress about bringing your phone on the water.  

If you are paddleboarding, kayaking, fishing or rafting, you will want to ensure you don’t lose a nice pair of sunglasses. Fuglies prescription sunglasses can be made to match your exact prescription which makes these ideal for anytime you are paddleboarding, floating at the beach or spending time at the pool. 

Fuglies Prescription Floating Sunglasses

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