June 30, 2020

At ugo wear “Just Add Water” isn’t just a motto it is living life on or in the water and is the ugo™ way to adventure. The ugo™ phone and tablet packs are the perfect accessory for summer days by the pool or on the lakes or rivers. ugo wear has found some great products from people who also live their lives in and on the water - whether you choose to find your fun on the water with a stand up paddle board, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, fishing, jet skiing, pool parties, or just lounging by the pool, check out these great products we found for you to check out that go hand-in-hand with the ugo™ lifestyle. 

Dunn-Rite Products has a long history of innovative products developed to be of the highest quality. If your summer fun begins and ends on or in the water you will want to check out these amazing products. The inflatable stand up paddleboards are high quality and meant for exploring the lakes, rivers and oceans where you find your fun. If you plan to spend your summer in your backyard in your swimming pool, a pool basketball or pool volleyball unit is a must have. Work on your dunk or perfect your serve while you enjoy the lazy days of summer. Check out a few of the products we found that embody the ugo wear lifestyle.

Explore the Water on an Inflatable Paddle Board

Inflatable paddle boards are high-quality SUP's, built to last for endless fun on the water. From a quick jaunt, to an all-day tour through some of the countries best sightseeing from the water, inflatable stand up paddleboards will keep pace with you. You should take a ugo™ phone pouch, cooler with lunch, and make a day of it! Taking your ugo™ phone pouch will allow for selfies, music, and all day protection of your essentials.

Dunn Rite Iflatable stand up paddleboard

Pool Volleyball and Pool Basketball For Your Pool

Turn your swimming pool into a sport court with a pool volleyball or pool basketball set and start having more fun in your own backyard! With sports comes more splashing and ugo wear allows that to be a worry free day of fun. a ugo™ phone pouch protects not only your phone or tablet but also all of the items you want to keep protected. From money to keys or medication, you will have it all in one waterproof, floating phone pouch.

Dunn Rite Pool Volleyball Unit

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