Best IphoneX waterproof pouch dry bag

Best IPhone X Waterproof Dry Bag & Waterproof Pouch for IPhones Available

December 07, 2017

Protect iPhone X Waterproof Phone Bag and Dry Pouch

You have the iPhone X with the most advanced technology available. You need to protect this investment with a truly waterproof phone case. The ugo waterproof dry pouch will keep your iPhone X dry while you enjoy the watersports you love! The patented technology of the ugo waterproof dry bag keeps your iPhone X and other valuables zipped and secure. It is completely submersible and floats.

Your iPhone X Deserves the Best Waterproof Dry Bag Available

iPhone X - Worth the Wait

You’ve been waiting. And now you have an iPhone X with all the amazing new features right at your fingertips. The iPhone X stands above the crowd of smart phones and it was no small investment to acquire. With the new iPhone X in your hands, it is time to use all the features and technology it has to offer. You want your iPhone with you all the time, and you want it completely protected from the elements, without exception.

Why You Need a Waterproof Dry Bag for iPhone X

Your iPhone X features unsurpassed technology that you should be able to access during your water sport activities. You want to protect the cutting edge technology of iPhone X, such as:

Best display screen

The vibrant colors, crisp images, and full-screen are better than all other phones. Not to mention, the screen has great visibility in full sunlight during your outdoor adventures.

Top tier camera

Your iPhone X camera 12 megapixel camera has optimal image stabilization so you can take motion pictures without a blur. Since there is virtually no shutter lag, you no longer miss quick action shots.

Gestured based interactions

Swipes, senses, and face recognition are the ways to navigate the iPhone X. Protecting your phone from the elements while having access to the screen is essential when you are enjoying the outdoors.

All these new features and technology make the iPhone X a completely new and exhilarating experience. The financial investment is worth protecting with a superior waterproof dry bag.

Your Answer is ugo - The Best Waterproof Dry Bag for iPhone

You may be heading out to the beach, boat cruising for the evening, or paddling for the day. Regardless of your adventure, you need to protect your iPhone X investment in the absolute best waterproof dry bag. You take your phone with you everywhere. So don’t be afraid to take your iPhone when you swim, snorkel, boating, sailing, paddleboarding or ride the waves. Just make sure you have it protected in an ugo waterproof dry pouch. While you catch the best action photos of the day, you can completely submerge the ugo dry bag in water without damaging your iPhone.

ugo Technology is Superior to Other Waterproof Phone Cases

The ugo waterproof pouch is made with superior technology that will keep your iPhone X and all your valuables dry and safe, while you spend the day on the water. The ugo waterproof phone case is different than any other case on the market.

Patented TIZIP® technology provides a waterproof zipper that is built with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) fabric. You have the convenience of zipper access while keeping your valuables completely dry.

  • The ugo dry bag is submersible to 15 feet and has been tested by a third-party facility.
  • The ugo pack floats so you can retrieve it easily.
  • You can access the photo, video, swipe technology, and face recognition while never opening the bag. You don’t have to risk water or sand contamination.
  • This is a universal bag so you can use it with any phone and also fit your other personal items in it - like ID, keys, and credit card.
  • You have just invested in the advanced-technology of iPhone X. Now you can continue to live out the adventures of your life while protecting it with the ugo waterproof dry pouch.

Waterproof Dry Pouch & Waterproof Phone Case

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