Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I lubricate the WATERZIP™ waterproof zipper and what product should I use?

A: We recommend that you add a small amount of lubricate to both sides of the u-shaped docking station located at the end of the zipper every couple of months. You can use the lubricant provided with your purchase or any type of silicone based lubricant.


Q: Can I make and receive calls with my phone inside ugo?

A: Absolutely and you will be amazed at the clarity!


Q: Am I able to text, send and receive emails from inside ugo?

A: Don’t tell your boss, but YES you are able to text and email!


Q: Can I take pictures and shoot video?

A: Selfies and underwater video, no problem PLUS you can instantly share them, so shoot away.


Q: I Love my music, will I be able to connect to my Bluetooth speakers and headphones?

A: DJ your next pool party from the middle of your pool, throw in some waterproof speakers and be the hit of the party.


Q: Will ugo float if dropped in the water?

A: Absolutely, ugo will hold up to 3 phones in the pack along with your other essential items. We recommend that if you go in the water with your ugo that you have your own floatation device!


Q: What size phone fits in ugo?

A: We designed ugo to hold the largest smartphones currently on the market. Certain covers may have to be removed before placing your phone in the window.


Q: Where can I purchase ugo?

A: Through a few select distributors and on this website.


Q: What if the zipper gets stuck and is it durable?

A: It is best you back the zipper away from the impediment, remove it and then close the zipper. Our WATERZIP™ zipper is German engineered and was pull tested in excess of 10,000 pulls. This zipper technology is used on drysuits and hazmat suits around the world so we are confident it will keep your electronic valuables safe for many years to come.


Q: How do I clean my ugo?

A: ugo is made from high quality, stain resistant fabrics, but should ugo require cleaning simple use soap and water and a soft brush to clean. We do recommend that you rinse your ugo after long term exposure to saltwater or chlorine.


Q: How do I store my ugo when not in use?

A: You’ll never want to store it, but in the event that you do make sure your ugo is completely dry. To preserve the amount of lubricant needed in the future store ugo in the closed position.


Q: Is ugo submersible?

A: YES, ugo waterproof packs with WATERZIP™ zippers have been third party tested up to 15 feet and are proven to stay dry.


Q: Will sunlight fade my ugo over time?

A: Not a chance, ugo packs are made of a unique TPU fabric with added UV Protection. Our fabric will hold up in all weather conditions from severe heat to severe cold. The look and feel is far different from anything currently on the market.


Q: Does ugo have an IP waterproof rating?

A: We are proud to say ugo received a third party IP68 rating which is the maximum allowed. We test each ugo pack under water to assure you receive a high quality product.




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