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Melanie Cole and Vicky DeRouchey are two women who have centered their lives around the water. For work, for play and for life.

“We are passionate, loyal, grateful, fun-loving people, that believe everyone deserves to be free, to do what they want, when they want and with whom they want. It is that belief, along with surviving two bouts with breast cancer, that motivated us to fulfill a life long dream to work for ourselves. While we are the co-founders of ugo wear, there are countless others who have and are still helping us on this journey to freedom!

3 years ago we set out to solve a very common problem – how do we carry and keep our electronic items safe while enjoying time in and around the water? Our solution is ugo – a product that lets you choose freedom, not fear!


mel & vic


corky hall

My profession is developing brands that customers love because they are compelling, believable and distinct. And it has been a joy creating the ugo brand with Mel, Vic, Zach and Lori over the last few years.

The ugo brand is for people who want to live their lives to the fullest in and around the water. And the ugo pack is the first product in the world to make this a reality.

Dare To Be Free!


zachary nelson

My life is all about creative visualization. I work with organizations of all sizes, making sure that products and services are visually appealing.  My purpose is to make sure that a well-developed brand effectively communicates with people. From logos, print mailers, photos, and videos – it all matters!

I love ugo because it’s a product that really makes a difference, and is designed by the people that need it most.

Scott Loeser

scott loeser

Scott is currently the VP of Business Development for Licken Industries & Trading Co., Ltd, Hong Kong, he comes to us with a very wide range of experiences and expertise’s regarding manufacturing in Asia including Global Sourcing Merchant at Gander Mountain. Scott’s entrepreneurial spirt doesn’t stop there he is also the founder of Marked Leather, a Minneapolis based leather goods brand specializing in leather carry goods. Scott came to us in late 2012 with his overseas experiences and his long standing relationships and has played a key role in the sourcing and development of the ugo pack. In his free time Scott enjoys the outdoors and stays active with family and friends and traveling.


lori hall

My background is as a Professional Organizer, Event Planner and Bookkeeper.  My connection with ugo began as a pledge to two great friends who had an interesting idea and a boat load of passion.  My continued commitment to ugo is as a fanatic supporter of a life-changing product that will change how all of us live in and around the water.  Go ugo!


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